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Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Your path is paved with love, she said

Your palms shout in the name of love

Those prints, those wrinkles, those lines,

are all carved by love, she said

Your eyes though, look for more love on the horizon

Your skin has desires that never calm down

Your mind, your soul,

or whatever that carries your shell,

is on a very long trip to the land of infinite stops and countless stations

Your heart!

Your heart... always seems hungry..

even when it’s flooded by love and passion,

love and pain, she said

She looked up and right into my face

Then back into my hands

She slapped my hands hard and swung it away,

and stepped backwards then gazed

Who are you?!

Reading you makes me crave to be in someone’s arm

Your palms, made me think of all the young ones I’ve met when I was a lady

Your lines, reminds me of the sorrow,

of the days they left,

the days I spent missing them,

and the nights I found myself again kissing them,

touching them,

caring and giving them all I had to give,

she said

Damn you!!!

The love I read in your hand,

spoke more about me,

than about you, she said

I couldn’t figure out your future,

or who you are,

I couldn’t even lie!

Damn you!!!

Look what you did!

You made me cry!

My cheeks are all black and messy!

Oh, dear!

I’m mourning, she said

And I’m fake!

I know.

I lie!


I see nothing but truth in those damn hands of yours, she said

All I see is goddamn love!!



Get out!

Take your money!

And don’t you ever show up, she said



Look at me!

Who are you????

Why did you pull me back into my sleepless nights?


Why did you throw me back into my painful dark pit?

Why did you bring me back to all the beautiful beds I’ve been to?

And the dancing?

And the smells of the back of their necks?

My back is now arching,

I feel that first touch down there again,

I feel familiar hands touching my face,

my neck,

my ear,

my lips,

for the very last time

You broke my heart again on their behalf, she said

I hear them whisper my name!

She was terrified and spinning around herself!

I hear them whisper my name!!!

Oh my!!

She said

Who are you!?

She stopped,

and barely breathing

She paused then softly spoke with sorrow

I’m an old woman, she said

Don’t you have compassion?

Don’t you have mercy?

Get out!!!!

I don’t want to read your palms anymore!

I don’t want to see you here anymore, she said

She pushed me out of her small tent

She threw at me my crumpled five-dollar bill and fifty-five cents I gave before I’ve given her my hands.

And she went back inside,

leaving me out in the open thinking...

“What the heck just happened?”

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