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Letters to time, heartbeats, and age

Dear time,

As you happen...

You move the moon and seas, and carry the wind and the stars.

You grow trees from seeds, and turn wounds into scars.

From one to another, you are neither slower nor faster.

To you, one ALWAYS equals one. You are truly the fairest master.

And for that, dear time, I bow to you…

Dear heartbeats,

As time allows you to be...

You grant me the power of touching my face;

You grant me the magic of seeing my children, and the sky above.

You make me sing, you make me dance;

and because of you, I can give, and I can love.

Nevertheless, you are a matter of chance.

One must not take you for granted, nor expect you to forever be.

And for that, my dear heartbeats, I beg you to be as much as you can be…

Dear age,

With every heart beat, and as you become...

You read me my stories before I go dreaming.

You give me purpose as I grow, you give my life all sorts of meaning.

You show me the way to how to be fair, and how to be kind.

And you tame my body, you tame my ego, and my mind.

The more I catch of you, the more you weigh.

Yet, one might foolishly toss tons of you away.

For that I cherish your currency, the memories you pay.

For after all… It’s only the memories of us that can forever stay.



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