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Why Admire Music?

Music impacts us, living beings, in various ways.

It evidently moves our bodies and invisibly stirs motion within us and beneath our skins.

Why do we, living beings, move to music? Is what interests me the most - is also a question that kept me awake many many nights.

Why is music embraced by some and outcasted by some?

How liberating music can be?

Where does music stand in evolution theories?

These and many other similar questions are bi-products of those sleepless nights.

Any form that requires a group of artists to perform, is I tend to appreciate most.

As much as I can easily get excited by solos, a painting, a poem, and many other art forms that were created and delivered by a single person. The orchestrated form of art (a piece played by an orchestra, an animated movie, a beautiful bridge, etc.) that brings all different people together to perform in harmony and deliver intricate details through coordination and order is what I deeply admire.

Disclosure: This piece was written in an Art History class while studying at Berklee Online.

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