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Trois éléphants heureux

un éléphant heureux + un éléphant heureux + un éléphant heureux = trois éléphants heureux #animals

Six Hundred, Six, Twenty Five

Tri. Ti. Trillion! Today's big, tomorrow's small Billy's millions, in a second they rise and fall Seven billion, still act as they know...


I've always thought that life consist of light, and lack of light. I was wrong. Today I realized that life is more than that. In life,...

Slow Down

Friday's newspaper said to my dad "The world's going faster, the world's going mad" TV at 9am said to my dad "You've lost the one million...

Cheerful Magic

Love the fact that you and I share the love of music Love your smiling eyes and love your broken tooth and words you write Love the life...

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