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Slow Down

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Friday's newspaper said to my dad

"The world's going faster, the world's going mad"

TV at 9am said to my dad

"You've lost the one million dollars you had"

Slow down slow, dear old dad Put down the newspapers and the iPad

Blackberry broadcast said to my sister

"An earthquake is coming, but then came a twister"

Video with 10,000 hits told my sister

"Swine flu has landed on earth to infect her"

Slow down slow, sweet little sister Sign off of YouTube, log off of Friendster

A blogger this evening said to my girlfriend

"You're ugly and you should look more like Kardashian"

A random tweet at midnight said to my girlfriend

"You're a whore! And you'll never gonna get a good husband"

Slow down slow, beautiful girlfriend Reclaim yourself, you're not a shoe, you're not a diamond

Slow down slow, my loved ones just slow Live, love, laugh and enjoy the show

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